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My Winter Uniform


In an effort to try and look more put together (I hesitate to use the word stylish) I have been trying to avoid the typical winter wardrobe of jeans and hoodie.  The trouble is that jeans and a hoodie suits my casual fairly labour intensive lifestyle.  So I have tried to come up with al alternative that is more suited to a mother in her middle forties.  Being large of bust it needed to be fitted (otherwise I look 5 months pregnant).  I never use the hood on a hoodie so no need for that.  I wanted a longer line top, not necessarily too thick as it doesn’t get really cold here, if I am going out I always wear a coat and I can always layer.

I self drafted the top, it has princess shoulder seams and pockets!  I call it a sweatshirt tunic but I’m not really sure what it is.


The fabric is a sort of ponte I picked up at a stall in Nottingham last time I was in the UK.  It wasn’t super cheap – about £15/m and I bought 1.5 m.  I bought it to make a blazer but then realised that my lifestyle simply doesn’t lend its self to a blazer.


There are no seams at the back, but I think a centre back seam and some shaping would be an improvement.


The whole thing was sewn on the serger, and once I got the pattern drafting sorted, took no time at all.  My main reservations are with the shoulder princess seams which seem to make my shoulder look square, so the next one will have armhole princess seams.

Instead of jeans I am wearing cords.  This is the second pair of cord jeans I have made.  The pattern is the same as the previous pair here .  The fabric is a stretch cord I bought from a local fabric shop.  It feels great and is super comfortable but has poor recovery.  These fit really well at the start of the day but by the end of the day are starting to sag.  Day two requires a belt to stop them falling down.


I got my pocket placement right this time though.

This is now my go to oufit for the season.  I have no doubt that it isn’t the height of fashion but it fits, it is comfortable, it doesn’t look scruffy and I can work in it.

I have since made 2 more tops, and have a couple of pairs of cords I have altered so I truely have a uniform.



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