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Me Made May Weeks 2-4

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MMM15 day 10 mmm15 day 11  mmm15 day 14     WP_20150512_19_11_44_Pro  WP_20150516_15_36_23_Pro WP_20150518_13_41_09_Pro WP_20150521_20_53_37_Pro WP_20150522_17_20_02_Pro WP_20150523_18_00_25_Pro WP_20150524_20_32_05_Prommm15 day 28mmm15 day 29mmm15 Day 30mmm15 day 31

Day 10 – Lekala 5094 shirt

Day 11 – Self drafted jersey skirt

Day 12 – New look 6097

Day 13 – No Me Mades

Day 14 – Simplicity 2188 top

Day 15 – No photo repeat of day 4

Day 16 – Dress from top pattern McCalls 6796

Day 17 – Riding all day – no me mades

Day 18 – Trousers – McCalls 6711

Day 19 – No Me mades

Day 20 – Self Dafted T-shirt same as day 7

Day 21 – Same as day 20 ( worn for 2 hours each day)

Day 22 – No Me mades

Day 23 – Simplicity 3775

Day 24 – New look 6097

Day 25 – Another Simplicity 3775

Day 26 – workiing in garden, no me mades.

Day 27 – Burda Style airy blouse

Day 28 – Top Simplicity 2188

Day 29 – No photo – Top – New Look 6107

Day 30 – Another Lekala 5094 shirt  (this is the first one I made and the bust darts are in the wrong place)

Day 31 – Lazy day at home – self drafted skirt (un-ironed!)

Overall I’m really pleased with my me made wardrobe.  I’ve only been back sewing garments for about 15 months (and nothing I made for the first couple of months was wearable) yet a good part of the clothes I wear regularly are homemade.  I managed to beat my pledge of 5 days a week and I did pretty well at photographing everthing (despite hating mirror selfies).

I’m still a long way from being able to do a month with only hand made garments though.  I need more trousers, more skirts, and some top layers.  And I need to iron my clothes more!


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