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Me Made May Week 1

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So end of week one of Me Made May and I’ve managed to keep to my pledge, in fact I managed 6 days rather than 5.

MMM15 day 1

Day 1 – Striped long sleeve T (I love this top – Youngest daughter has a matching dress)

MMM15 day 2

Day 2 – Another long sleeved T, the material isn’t as nice on this one though.

Day 3 – We were at a riding competition all day in the rain, no me mades.

mmm15 day 4

Day 4 – Short sleeved T – this is the first T shirt I ever made, before I got the serger.

MMM15 day 6

Day 5 – Newly finished skirt.  Fly front A-line with a box pleat.  Copied from my favourite RTW.

mmm15 day 5

Day 6 – Ponte dress made from Lekala 4315

MMM15 day 7

Day 7 – Newly finished T shirt.  This is definitely going to become a favourite.

Overall I am very pleased with how many of my home made clothes are in regular rotation.  Many of this weeks were Tees but that is what I wear day to day, and my home made tees are my favourites because they FIT.

There should be no problem finishing the month, especially as the sun is going to come out so dresses are back on the menu.


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