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Two Tops

I’ve made 2 new summer tops.  Woven rather than jersey to try and be a bit more stylish than just a t-shirt.

The first started life as New Look 6107 but is barely recognisable as such.

New look 6107 with mods

I started off by adding a full bust adjustment (FBA) which meant adding a dart to the side seam.  I didn’t really want a dart so I pivoted the dart up to the shoulder using this useful tutorial and added it in to the gathered section at the yoke.  I also took out some of the extra width below the bust by enlarging the fish eye darts and trimming the side seams a little.

new look 6107 without closure

Then I decided I didn’t really want this to be a button up top, so I cut the front on the fold.  I can get it on over my head, but I do need to squash the girls down a little to put it on.

The fabric is a remnant I got on a trip to the UK about 6 months ago.  I’ve no idea what it is but it drapes beautifully.  I think it is either viscose or a silk/cotton blend.  I haven’t done a flame test but it took a very hot iron with no smell so I’m sure it isn’t a poly.

Back top

I like the fit and I will make another now I’ve done all the hard work pattern drafting, but next time I think I will make the fish eye darts a little smaller, and perhaps drop the yoke a little further as I have a bit of excess fabric below the gathers.

The next top is from simplicity 2188 

Simplicity 2188Again I did an FBA but this time I left the side dart in.  I’m pretty sure this is a viscose, from the local fabric store.

simplicity 2188 with bias

The other major change I made to this top is to eliminate the facing.  I’ve made this top before and the facing bugs me.  It doesn’t seem to lie straight.  In this version I used bias binding for the arm holes and neck line.  I chose to keep the bias visible rather than turning it to the inside and I deliberately chose part of the pattern with a gold colour for the neck line, which I really like.

new top

I’m pleased with both of these tops and I’m pretty sure they will be in regular use.  The only downside is that unlike t-shirts they do need ironing.


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