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New dressing gown

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My old one was looking decidedly scruffy (bought 15 years ago from Primark so not surprising)  I spend a lot of time in pyjamas so it made sense to make something I would like and wear.  The pattern is Lekala 5237, with the collar replaced by a band.  I shortened it as I didn’t want a floor length robe (and I didn’t have enough material).

The fabric is some sort of heavy weight jersey.  I think it is a poly, but it is really soft and has a lovely weight to it. It doesn’t crease at all.

The Lekala pattern is supposed to be made to my measurements, but it is huge.  I guess that is the design, but still.  I gathered the back somewhat and attached the belt to hide the gathers – I hate putting on a robe and then finding the belt missing.

The trousers are simplicity 2289.  Next time I will give a bit more room for my rear.

All in all comfy and more stylish than my old lounge wear.


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