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For my 2015 new year’s resolution I resolve to become more put-together.  I’m not going to use the word stylish as I’m not convinced it would fit with my casual lifestyle.  I’m certainly not going to use the word fashionable – I never have been I doubt I ever will be.

These are just going to be outfits I’ve put together, with at least one item being either hand made or re-fashioned by me.

outfit #1

So here is my first outfit.  The trousers are a re-fashioned pair of Jigsaw cords which were gifted to me a while back after I had lost weight.  I’ve never really worn them as they were much too wide, but they were too good to throw.  So yesterday I got to work and narrowed them down.  They are not skinny legs now, more like straight legs.  The cords have some stretch and are incredibly comfortable.  I’ve paired them with a fluffy jumper I bought at Pull and Bear in the autumn, a sleeveless blue gilet given to me on my birthday and a pair of blue and tan leather boots I bought in Spain in October.  I honestly can’t remember where I got the scarf, I had forgotten about it until I cleared out my wardrobe this weekend.

So that is my outfit #1.  It is perhaps not the most stylish outfit imaginable, but it suits my lifestyle and is certainly an improvement on my normal jeans and hoodie.

Maybe if I keep this up I might be able to build up a proper wardrobe of wearable outfits.


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  1. I love the outfit! I think it’s a very stylish casual look. The boots and scarf really add that extra oomph — very nice!


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