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Lekala Sleeveless Jacket

I know it has been a long time.  What is the point in having a blog if I never blog?

In my defence I don’t get much free time during the summer months and I dropped my camera so it doesn’t work properly.

This is my latest make.  It is from Lekala pattern number 5915.

Lekala 5915

Lekala is a Russian company who do personalized patterns based on your measurements.  You order the pattern, put in your measurements, then within the hour you get an e-mail with the PDF pattern.  They are not really aimed at beginners.  You get instructions but they are minimal.  You don’t even get told how much fabric to buy.  But what you do get is a custom fit pattern for a ridiculously low price.  I paid 2€ for this pattern.  I pay 11€ for simplicity patterns in France, vogue and indie patterns are more like 18€.

Lekala sleeveless coat

The fabric I used is a sweatshirt fabric, and I’ve put the inside out.  It doesn’t have the normal fleecy type feel about it.  It sort of looks like a bouclé wool, which I think makes it look smart.  I bought is from our local factory shop.  I’m not sure what its made of, but I think it might be a poly-cotton.  It cost me 6€.  The buttons were from the same place, they have a big bucket with odd buttons in at 0.10€ each and I was lucky enough to find 3 that matched.

lekala 5419 BACK

There are princess seams front and back which help with the fit. The collar tends to stand up a bit funny, I think because the material is so thick.  I don’t care because it is nice and warm.

sleeveless vest

I made the whole thing up on my overlocker (serger).  The only real problem I had was sewing the collar I couldn’t work it out at all.  I basted it twice and still couldn’t get it right.  Then I looked at the instructions and realised I’d done it in the wrong order which is why I was having problems.  I didn’t fancy unpicking the serged seams so I just fudged it and it worked out just fine.


I am very pleased with my new jacket.  I know a lot of people think that sleeveless jackets are pointless, but I am not one of those people.  I like the warmth it adds without restricting movement.  I can put a coat over the top without feeling uncomfortable.  I don’t overheat with a sleeveless jacket or jumper like I do with a jumper or sweatshirt, which I always seem to be taking off then putting back on again.  I definitely need more sleeveless jumpers and jackets in my wardrobe.

There will certainly be more Lekala makes too.  I’m really impressed with them.  They’ve got loads of styles and if they all fit lek this I am going to be a happy bunny.  I was a bit reluctant to buy from Russian site, put you can pay by paypal so you don’t have to give your card details.  And the value for money is amazing.  This jacket cost me a total of 8.30€  which is fantastic.

I just need to decide what to make next.


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